Headshots of girls from all corners of the galaxy. Also, they're all queer, because I said so.

Can you find all 15 unique girls?

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TagsArt Book, Comics, Lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, pixel, Pixel Art


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i love them alllll


thank you! i love them each too lol

they are lovely <3


thank you!


Omg, this is awesome! I really appreciate the galaxy-wide representation here, and I love, love your art style~!

Is it completely random who you see next, or does it matter where you click?

Thanks for making this! 🚀👭


Hi there! i'm so glad you enjoyed it. Yup, the color of the pixels you click corresponds to finding the next gal :>

Oh cool, that’s really clever!

This is very cute.

thank you! :>