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My orcfucker friend and I just played this and had such a fun (and unexpectedly sweet!) time! This game is really well designed to help you feel comfortable talking about fun, consensual orc sex and to encourage a good time for characters and players. I am obsessed with the top/bottom advantage/disadvantage mechanics, they were a really fun addition.




lmao I'm sending this to my friend. Her and her bf can play it together. Now I just need to find my own orc to play with...


I hope they enjoy their game! Best of luck in finding your own orc. Aren't we all searching for a handsome orc to be a part of our lives...?


Lok ook me orc me like orc fuck Lok-Narash! Dabu me


FINALLY! A ttrpg for me


so glad that the orcfuckers are finding what I so lovingly crafted for them